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Ramboll engineers want to know how hard the rock is; best way to check? “Hit it it with something hard.”

By Alistair Stokes, Chiara Montgomerie, music: Going the Distance, by Bill Conti

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Turns out Raoul is a master excavator handling his digger like a precision tool.

Film by Alistair Stokes, Chiara Montgomerie, soundtrack: Marina Gasolina (Peaches Remix), Bonde do Role.

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Alistair and Chiara take apart the shed. Soundtrack by Zorn, Patton & Mori, ‘blessed thistle’

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Workshop floor

Teamwork! One day of intense floor-laying; insulation and spånskiva. Thanks Paula, Steve and Miguel.

Video by Miguel Peres, music by Boards of Canada – In a beautiful place out in the country.

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Bottle rocket prototype

By Adam Henriksson

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Friggebod floorplan

Video by Alistair Stokes

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A workshop with a view

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Outdoor office

Friggebod / Bartlett team members Chiara and Alistair arrive and get straight to work.

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Cloud- and blueberry cheesecake

Bo found these awesome cloudberries and donated them to the Floda crew, and Paula picked tonnes of blueberries – a perfect excuse for a cheesecake:

500 grams of Mascarpone cheese
3 tablespoons of cream
3 tablespoons of sugar
1 vanilla pod
some grappa
fresh berries of your choice
(pictured here with some cloudberry sauce as well)
some fresh mint
with a base of peperkakor (swedish cookies)

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Summer bbq

Thanks for letting us use your beach Lisa & Martin. Super nice.

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