TSEOU is a dynamic collective working and living in London whose sole purpose is to explore and promote the symbiotic relationship between skateboarding and art / photography / design / architecture. The group includes artists, graphic and product designers, photographers, architects, film-makers, writers and journalists.

Our main core of content in the first three shows, ‘The Side Effects of Urethane’, ‘A Surface In Between’ and ‘Moving Units’ was work from artists that reflect the ethos of ‘The Side Effects of Urethane’, and therefore are riders and artists from the skateboard community around the world, but mainly based in the UK. These shows were a mixture of skatable objects, designed for and by skateboarders, in combination with an exhibition of work. ‘Aalto’, the fourth show by the collective, was a little different, we were given the chance to produce the main exhibit within a show called ‘At First We Take Museums’ in the Kiasma Museum of Modern Art in Finland.

This piece was a giant skatable object that was interactive for both the general audience and the skate community. For the first time ever, skateboarding was allowed inside a museum! ‘Aalto’ truly illustrated to all, that skateboarding itself is a creative process. ‘Interstices’ was part of expoSKATE* in Lille - France, this explored the ideas of multi-functional spaces, public walkways and performance intersecting and joining.

All projects ‘The Side Effects of Urethane’, ‘A Surface In Between’, ‘Moving Units’, ‘Aalto’, ‘Interstices’ and now ‘Units Moved’; explore the idea of Skateboarding as a kind of line drawing in urban space; exploring the paths traversed by skaters from point to point, surface to surface, the creation of complex patterns and gestures over the surface of the urban canvas. We re-appropreate / challenge the space, evoking users / viewers to evaluated how the archetecture which surrounds them should be used.

Through the last 5 projects we have work with over 50 different artist / carpenters from all over the world, for more information on who showed in what, check
the exhibitions section.