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Blue Room press


A while back now F31 was commissioned to help design and create this room in collaboration with Ambra Trotto at Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, along with two students of industrial design, Dorothé Smit and Philémonne Jaasma from Eindovens Technical University and this was project was partnered with the Sliperiet in Umeå.

Here is some press on it – Blue Room on

Along with the above lot, much thanks must go to Dominique Furst, one of the interns at ICT for the hours of soldering put in connecting it all together; Fredrik Nilbrink for helping organise/making us have some sort of reality check and wire-up all sorts; Toby Reid for coding the whole thing, Stephen Beaton for spending a week at F31 going slowly insane with us here making a load of triangles; Ru Zarin for the random days getting excited about the nail gun; Jeroen Peeters for spending most of a night installing the walls and of course Lisa/Tommy/Martin Manfredson for the constant random help moving things/making and cutting stuff.

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Driving ergonomics for texting


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Old objects – New location

A while back we created some modular skatable objects for Converse CONS that were placed down in Berlin, these have new been moved and are resting in Malmö.



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Floor ready

Some shots of the floor for an interactive space at the Sliperiet. The whole space is being set up and built in the Floda workshop first so we can get it just perfect, before going onsite. The floor is made with 18mm birch ply with a 45º chamfer, the finish is a dead flat floor varnish. All the panels are separated by a 10mm channel, inside this will be controllable LED lighting that enables each edge to be lit separately or together. Big thanks to Ru Zarin for coming over to help add more pointy bit of wood to the walls.






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Some pointy parts from the panels that are part of the floor creation for a new experiential room in the Sliperiet, created in collaboration with the Interactive Institute.

Point Topside Underside

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Movable surface

Working on a surface that can modulate via some exterior sensors for The Interactive Institute, below some shots of an analogue tester we made using pulleys and levers and a very quick mock up of how the surface could move.






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Thanks to Lisa and Lisbet, three of us took a trip out to the local shredding hill in Vilhelmina. We meet up with two of the local heads Petter and Emanuel to chat about a possible installation of some interactive ridable objects. For now here we are checking out the hill.






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Former resident Graham McLoughlin has just made these lovely installations around london, check what else he gets up too here.



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Google Vs Apple

Different perspectives on building architecture for the global tech folks.

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A god’s algorithm


A “God’s algorithm” is an algorithm that produces a solution to a puzzle with the fewest possible moves. Researchers have determined that this number (known as “God’s number”) for the Rubik’s Cube is twenty moves. In other words, ANY Cube can be solved in twenty moves or less (which is notable, considering that there are approximately forty-three quintillion configurations).

Previous resident Nathan Phinney whilst at Floda made this wonderful info graphic, yes a real rubiks cube was involved and the full explanation of the info graphic can be found here.

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