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Former resident Graham McLoughlin has just made these lovely installations around london, check what else he gets up too here.



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Google Vs Apple

Different perspectives on building architecture for the global tech folks.

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A god’s algorithm


A “God’s algorithm” is an algorithm that produces a solution to a puzzle with the fewest possible moves. Researchers have determined that this number (known as “God’s number”) for the Rubik’s Cube is twenty moves. In other words, ANY Cube can be solved in twenty moves or less (which is notable, considering that there are approximately forty-three quintillion configurations).

Previous resident Nathan Phinney whilst at Floda made this wonderful info graphic, yes a real rubiks cube was involved and the full explanation of the info graphic can be found here.

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Left 4 Dead – Floda

A new level is emerging, which starts by holding back the Zombie hordes from the safety of the Friggebodar.



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Sketch models

Some very rough models of the modular objects we made for the CONS project Berlin.

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And then it hits you

Fantastic graduation movie by ex-resident Hugo de Kok

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A brief glance

Online mag A Brief Glance have made a lovely special issue about our the modular objects we designed and produced for the CONS project Berlin, check it.


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CONS project Berlin

We just designed and produced some modular interactive objects for the CONS project Berlin. There were 9 objects in total and were made from 5mm plate steel. The objects could combine in various ways to create more interesting forms. Below is the invitation for the day, consisting of some scale models in a little tote bag, these were sent out all over Europe.



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Koja tech

Lots of fun working with Toby figuring this lot out for Janek Ozmins Koja. Toby is showed here doing a “sensor wave”, we show it from various angles so you can see the correct way to perform such an action.






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CONS Project London

A great video showing how the street we created together with Jerome Campbell is interpreted by skateboarders.

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