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Hungerford Bridge Space

For the last 8 months we have been working together with the professor Iain Borden and then the appointed architect Soren Nordal Enevoldsen to realise a new space at The Southbank centre, on the river Thames in London. This public space has been designed in the sprit of the current skatable location, but has been tweaked to be really great for skateboarding.

This space will be made from high quality materials consisting of mostly granite slabs, and bricks, it has been legally guarantee for this use for 125 years, and the design allows for change, adaption and re-appropriation.

Many thanks for the input from all the skaters, bmxers and artist who came to the public meetings, and the others involved in the focus group meetings. We all hope that this design will help preserve the integrity of the cultures involved for the foreseeable future.



More information and a press release can be found here.

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Second HBSS public workshop

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First HBSS public workshop

Together with Iain Borden, we have been involved with creating the ideology behind a new city space that is part of the Southbank Centre, on the the river thames in London. Below is a video from the 1st public consultation meeting that took place last week. This really explains the brief and shows how the appointed architect SNE Architects, founded by skater Søren Nordal Enevoldse responded to it.

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Friggebodar by Chris Mobbs

Chris was here afew months ago writing his masters dissertation “Manifesto of Making, What does the architect, architecture and society stand to gain from architecture schools adopting a culture of making?”, in-between he snapped some lovely shots of the Friggebodar that he helped design and build.







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New house entrance

We wanted to create a functional inside/outside space, this area also connects to the balcony via a door. Even though it’s not entirely finished yet you get the idea.







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We just recived some copies of “Hyperobjects, Philosophy and ecology after the end of the world, by Timothy Morton”. This book is features Marijes mapping piece “Wellness over time”, looks like it’s going to be an interesting read.



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Wednesday lectures

Our current resident, Nina Horstmann, is giving a series of Wednesday lectures at UID in Umeå, this is the first of three titled Designing in a world of change.


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Miguel gets busy

Miguel gets busy with us at the weekend on some fine carpentry for the balcony that goes over the front door, only afew more sun days left before winter…


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Balcony cladding

Thijs gets straight to it with Lisa’s pre painted planks, and sorts out the cladding for the balcony.



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Skatable architecture

Together with Iain Borden we have been involved with the writing of the ideology behind a new architectural skateboard-able space that could be built on the Southbank, in London. Check out the press release here here.

We chose three architects, which the Southbank then commissioned, below are some of the design ideas that came back. Next stage is to take the design further with one of the architects who will work with us and some of the future users of the space to finalise a design to build.

SNE Architects



42 Architects



SM Rich Architects


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