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Some details of the new balcony.




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Nina is here

Nina has arrived, another resident supported by Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. While she is very busy writing her dissertation she also seems to find the time for some other activities, such as making a beautiful log table, digging, and generally carrying heavy stuff from A to B.

ninaslog balcony-1

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In Floda no one can hear you scream

The Oavsett crew are running a video workshop to make your own horror movie trailer. Below is a trailer for the workshop and here are the details and booking form. Spaces are limited so get booked quick.

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Obstacle drawings

Some plan and side view drawings of The Obstacle we did a while back.


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Transit of Venus exhibition

Last summer, super-collider invited a group of artists, filmmakers, astronomers, photographers, choreographers and curators to journey to Floda31 to witness a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event: the Transit of Venus. Their observations and artistic output from the expedition now form the basis of a publication and exhibition, launching in London one year on from the Transit.

Choreographer/artist Nissa Nishikawa filmed a site-specific performance in the forest, set to music composed by Ebe Oke. Cat Stevens and Archie McLeish will show photographs from the days surrounding the event, while filmmakers Kathryn Ferguson, Loren Filis and Fritz Stolberg used the Transit as a backdrop for new work. The exhibition also features artwork by Hazel France, Karima Adebibe and Rebecca Lynch.

Exhibition and publication launch/PV on Thursday 6 June (an east London First Thursday) with a ‘real-time’ screening of the 2012 Transit of Venus at 10:09pm. Exhibition continues throughout the weekend with film screenings.

6-9 June 2013 | The Wayward Gallery | 47 Mowlem Street | London E2 9HE

Original post from super/collider.


photograph from super/collider’s Worlds In Transit expedition © Cat Stevens /

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Camera Obscura

The cloggies made a Camera Obscura in Henric’s old house. A camera obscura it’s an analogue camera the size of a room. They blinded all of the windows with cardboard to make it lightproof. Than they made a small hole in one of the cardboards and hung a screen in the middle of the room. The outside was projected on to the screen upside-down. So simple – so effective.

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Friggebod interior

Friggebod gets a built-in desk.

Friggin shelves are in

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Strangely epic

This year in the north we have had an epic heatwave, the warmest on recorded. It’s all a bit surreal really considering we are one of the hottest places in Europe right now. In continuation of the surrealism, here is a nice bit of epic lakeness taken by the Oavsett crew.


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Pizza 2013

One fully functioning pizza oven, cooking time only 59 seconds.


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A bit of DIY

The last three weeks has been pretty busy making some DIY. The location was the old container port in Barcelona, and it was for an event to highlight a different side to skateboarding. It was allot of fun working with an international bunch, from France was Antone, ZeB, Kamel, from England Daniel and Rich (sort of) and Spain Ramon, Luc and Danny. Big thanks to Neil for getting F31 involved.







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