Transit of Venus

Worlds in Transit
a journey to the land of the midnight sun
to discover our true place in the solar system
4-8 June 2012

Creative science collective super/collider is inviting creative individuals to travel to the remote Swedish wilderness to witness a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event: the transit of Venus in summer 2012.

Participants will watch as the planet Venus passes between the earth and the sun – its tiny black disk revealing the true scale of the universe. this rare cosmic alignment only happens twice every 243 years, meaning this is the last time we will have the chance to see it in our lifetimes.

Because of the way the planets rotate and align, this otherworldly spectacle will only be visible from certain places on earth, so to get the best view the team will be traveling to Floda 31. There, amid the near-24hr sunshine of the summer months, participants will explore how the planets rotate, what causes eclipses, how ancient astronomers first calculated such rare alignments and how the Transit of Venus helped – and is still helping – modern science.

super/collider is inviting those wishing to join the expedition at as soon as possible

About super/collider
Founded in 2006, super/collider is a not-for-profit collective devoted to exploring & promoting science through the creative industries. Working with illustrators, photographers, filmmakers, artists, designers and other creative people, they draw on the myriad worlds of science to create and commission art exhibitions, installations, expeditions, publications, products and content for a variety of websites and magazines.

In order to allow us to view the transit we will design and build a bespoke observatory / monument dedicated to Venus. Download the brief here.

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